Myth: I’m Black So My Therapist Must Be Black Too

The most common belief coming from black people that I see online regarding therapy is that their therapist must be black. This is for a few reasons. Many black people have a general (and deserved) distrust for non-black health practitioners. The thought of sitting across from a white therapist and revealing the most intimate part

I Am Not My Hair…Or Am I?

Like most black girls and women, my hair has been through quite an adventure. I have received praise and compliments for having the “courage” to wear my hair as short as it is now. I was not, however, always this carefree with my hair. I lived for my monthly sew-ins during high school and the

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Zoe Douglas

Zoe Douglas

By combining the words Life Coach and Therapist, I take you on a journey of the things my life experiences have taught me as well as intertwining my knowledge of mental health. Here's to growth, mental wellness, and becoming our best selves at any age. Cheers!

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