What To Expect From The Life Therapist In 2019!

What To Expect From The Life Therapist In 2019!

Happy New Year y’all! 2019 is finally here and I honestly couldn’t be happier. 2018 was an emotional rollercoaster both personally and professionally for me. The highs and lows of this year inspired me to start this blog and what simply started out as a project for me to actually execute has become a vision for something larger. The Life Therapist is small right now. Like, really, really small. I have a handful of loyal readers that I’m extremely grateful for but it’s time to take this bad boy mainstream! I’m constantly thinking about how I can improve this blog and you give you guys content that is truly helpful and informative. My creative energy has been surging and I’m excited to announce that have come up with some original ideas to not only take my blog to the next level but also fulfill my big goal of getting more people in therapy.

I will be introducing two new categories: FUBU and A Therapist You Should See. FUBU or “For Us, By Us” will be a category discussing mental health topics geared toward the black community only. Although I have a passion for all people, there is a well-known stigma in the black community regarding mental health and I’m here to break the myths and provide facts and different perspectives for my people! In the “A Therapist You Should See” category, I will interview licensed therapists and provide their contact information, a short biography, and a photo for your reference. This category is intended to provide you with an up close and personal perspective of a potential therapist. I want you to get an idea of each therapists’ personality and therapeutic philosophy. Maybe one of my featured therapists could one day be your therapist or maybe you could refer them to someone else. In the oversaturated world of blogging, I want to bring something totally new and different to the table. I’m hoping with these new additions to TLP, I’m able to spark new ways of thinking and encourage you guys to make your mental health a priority. I’m confident I’ll be able to do both.

So with that being said, cheers to 2019! We’re just getting started y’all. I hope you have made your personal, professional, and wellness goals for the year. And as usual, I’m here to help. I am always open to suggestions from my little community for this blog. I want to hear from YOU! This is for you. If you have anything you want to see on the blog or any questions you would like to ask me at all, be sure to send them over to thelifetherapist@gmail.com. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in this New Year and I hope you continue growing and glowing with me.



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